Human Responsabilities

Torrini sinks his roots in the history of the jewellery store and is strongly committed the own relations to promote with suppliers whose raw materials come from official sources from wich there are excluded Nations that abuse of the human rights.
Pursuing it purchases whose origin does not derive from zones where the wars are encouraged, where the juvenile work is exploited, where there are connections with dangerous or harmful procedures for the health and for the wellbeing of the individuals.

Particularly, towards the consumer, the factory mark Torrini 1369 intends to put the next requirements:

  1. To observe all the laws, economic and ethical, the material behaviors and immaterials, wich mark a product bearing a historical mark of factory like seal of absolute quality.
  2. To supply, with efficiency and courtesy, within the limits of the contractual forecasts, products of high quality that satisfies the reasonable expectations of the client.
  3. To supply accurate and exhaustive information about the projects and services so that the client could assume conscious decisions.
  4. To keep to truth in the advertising communications or other comunications.

The beginnings of the present ethical rules constitute exemplifying specifications of the general obligations of diligence, correctness and loyalties, which must qualify the fulfillment of each interest tied to the identification of the history and of the quality  of all the products carried the trademark Torrini 1369.

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