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The Torrini jewelry vision

Endless Passion

“Our vision is to continue to be remembered, because this is about you! We create jewelry for you, the possibility of creating each piece with their own story, with the uniqueness of each customer”
- Guido Torrini

Our passion for jewelry

Our objective is to transmit our passion for jewelry with elegance, becoming a reference for the people.

In 2012, Francesca, Guido’s mother, understood that the quality of the jewelry is not in the production of jewelry in a factory, but rather from a master goldsmith who knows how to handcraft jewelry with traditions from 650 years. Guido Torrini has observed that the right way to create jewelry of quality is to produce in very small quantities. This way the master goldsmith can dedicate their time and in detail create the perfect piece of jewelry.

26th generation of savoir faire

Guido is the 26th generation of the Torrini’s lineage. He manages the historical store of Torrini Jewelry 1369 in Florence. His grandfather taught him the essentials of the goldsmith tradition, and the importance of fine jewelry which are the thickness, the weight, the finishing and the detail. The study of these elements defines the difference between a masterpiece and mediocre piece of jewelry. For this reason, Guido felt the need to create a new logo, that speaks specifically to elegance. Under the historical brand, Guido organized a team of professionals (link team) to develop the jewelry as if it was on the body of the wearer.

The passion behind Torrini jewelry

Most of Guido’s designs are inspired by the art of the Renaissance, where Florence is the cradle. Each of the jewelry are designed to enhance the radiance of who wears them, displaying elegance and charm. For this reason, he loves designing timeless jewelry with pavé settings that attract light. In the Gioia collection (link gioia collection) you will find Florentine-engraved jewels. This handmade technique used by our master goldsmiths has been handed down throughout the years and only master goldsmiths in Florence know how to create it. This the essence of Torrini’s jewelry, tradition and art!

The Torrini 1369 historic store

Since the late 1800s, the Torrini 1369 historical store has been in the heart of Florence in the square of the main cathedral, Piazza del Duomo 12r. Torrini’s trademark is synonymous of Italian high quality around the world. Offering cultural value and an added value to luxury fine gold jewelry because these collections represent the ancient concept of handmade crafts, perfected over the centuries. In fact, every jewelry is genuine and original because they are handmade according to the goldsmith trademark traditions of Torrini 1369 that have never been exposed to external influences. In the Torrini Jewelry shop online you can find all of our best collections, Made in Italy.

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