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Precious Gems are associated with the month of the year, most similar to the various beliefs coming from crystal therapy. Birthstones association can be interpreted as a good luck charm. Discover this world of suggestions by clicking on the month in which you were born.

Birthstones, the Complete Overview

garnet red gemstone birthstone

January - Garnet

The Garnet's intense red, almost brown color has woven a long and articulated history with the world of jewelry. Cutting is the fundamental phase to highlight the intrinsic qualities of the gem, which only the best stones can give.

Garnet is the recipient of the attention of expert cutters who accurately approach the cutting operation to give the gem shine and life. Thus the natural brilliance of the mineral is emphasized.

amethyst gemstone birthstone

February - Amethyst

The Amethyst has always played a great role in the construction of high-prestige jewels. The beauty of the deep and well diffused purple color is an indispensable feature that all jewelry lovers desire.

The Amethyst has always been considered the divine gem par excellence with royalty from ancient origins. This gem retains a high value when it has characteristics of purity and intensity of color.

aquamarine gemstone birthstone

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a skye blue color; it is usually transparent, with no apparent internal characteristics, it shines even in low light. If we want a flashy jewel, Aquamarine can be an excellent alternative to Diamonds. This gem has a beautiful brilliance and has the advantage of being much larger than the diamond at the same price.

Aquamarine is the gem that contains the light and shining shades of the sea, inspiring truth and trust typical of lovers.

diamond gemstone birthstone

April - Diamond

The diamond is the most appreciated and desired gem. Splendor, refraction, and the ability to filter light are part of the main characteristics of a perfect diamond. The concentration of brilliance and the perfection of the cut make the diamond the king among all stones.

The diamond is the most requested gem in jewelry for its versatility in wearing it and its perfection.

emerald gemstone birthstone

May - Emerald

Emerald is a gem known all over the world for its green color ranging from
clear to intense.

The splendor and the ability to filter light are part of the main characteristics of the perfect jewel. The concentration and saturation of the green color make the Emerald the most precious and unique gem among the others. In jewelry, the Emerald is the most coveted gem due to its natural beauty.

pearl gemstone birthstone

June - Pearl

Pearl is the ideal component for a high-quality andprestigious jewel with its warm iridescent white color. Its delicacy andharmony go well with Gold, creating a jewel of unique refinement.

ruby gemstone birthstone

July - Ruby

Ruby is a gem known throughout the world for its red color, considered the gem of victory and love. The attractive red color has always represented romance and passion.

The brilliance and the brilliant color are part of the main characteristics of a perfect ruby. The saturation and concentration of the red color make ruby one of the most appreciated gems for the warmth it emanates. In jewelry, ruby is considered one of the most popular gems.

red spinel gemstone birthstone

August - Spinel

Spinel is commonly called the cousin of Ruby due to its similarity. In nature, it is part of a real rainbow of colors that belong to the various species of the Spinelli family.

Noble Spinel remains the most prestigious and rare for its splendid red color, even if it is also lovely in the blue variety. The most beautiful examples of Spinelli Nobili are those from the Mogok Valley in Burma.

blue sapphire gemstone birthstone

September - Sapphire

Sapphire symbolizes sincerity and serenity. In love, it represents fidelity and is often given as an engagement ring.

A jewel with sapphires radiates splendor for its refinement, highlighting the elegance of the wearer. The concentration and saturation of the blue color make sapphire the most requested extraordinary gem in the world of jewelry. Sapphires are in great demand for their versatility of use and their natural elegance.

pink tourmaline gemstone birthstone

October - Tourmaline

The different colors make Tourmaline a lovely precious gem for jewelry creators who, inspired by this, can create splendid jewels.

Tourmaline is one of the most unique, most unpredictable, and most fascinating gems existing in nature. Among the various characteristics, the property of polarizing the light is noted, creating optical effects of spectacular polychromies in the same gem.

blue topaz and orange citrine gemstones birthstones

November - Topaz & Citrine

Natural topaz has its main characters in clarity and is used in jewelry with great success. It ranks among the most precious gems because it lends itself well to being inserted into a high-quality jewel.

Natural Citrine is not very widespread in industrial or commercial jewelry due to the high cost due to its relative rarity and the consequent cheaper sources of supply. High jewelry pays great attention to the inclusion of Citrine in the most refined and inimitable creations.

turquoise azul gemstone birthstone

December - Turquoise

Turquoise is highly regarded in its best streak-free quality, intended only for the finest jewelry.

The intense blue color of the Turquoise is very suitable for adorning a jewel, making it unique. Its beauty is equal to its delicacy for its intrinsic qualities; in jewelry, selecting the quality of this gem is a significant step.