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Florence 1369

Gold florentine coins

An ancient tradition that still lives on today

The oldest literary testimony available to us is that of the Roman jurist Sesto Pomponio from the second century BC, who attests, even in his day, the custom of using "pro gemmis" ancient coins, gold or silver. In the 13th century Florence, with the birth of the Fiorino d'Oro, the very ladies of the time brought great attention to jewellery that included the coin that had the power to make Florence excel at the center of the financial system known at the time. Today, as then, Torrini proposes this ancient custom.

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Torrini is part of the History

Since the late 1800s, “Torrini 1369” has been located In the heart of Florence in the square of the main cathedral, the“Duomo”. This historic store inherits the Torrini lineage, trademarked in 1369 by the ancient guild of goldsmiths.

The Torrini trademark is synonymous with high quality both in Florence and around the world, it gives cultural importance and added value to luxurious gold products. These collections represent artisan craftsmanship perfected over the centuries.  

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May 6, 2020

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