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Torrini 1369 story

We know jewelry. In fact, we were raised with it

At Torrini 1369, the passion for jewelry has been handed down for 26 generations. Understanding the best way to craft jewelry is to focus on the customers desires. We provide elegance and personalized services, because our passion is to create long-standing relationships with our customers. Torrini 1369 jewelry collections are crafted by hand in Florence, and we implement innovative ways to create them, that maintain a classic yet modern design. We are constantly thinking of creating timeless jewelry and the best experiences for our customers. We are excited to provide the best service that simplifies our customers search for an elegant piece of jewelry.
This is Torrini Jewelry, born in Florence in 1369.

650 years of traditional Savoir-Faire

The Oldest Trademark in the World and the 9th Oldest Family Business. The rich heritage and passion for jewelry of the 26 generations of the Torrini 1369 lineage that are still alive today.

Our values and traditions are handed down from father to son, aiming to leave a legacy, as evidenced in our monthly blog articles.

Each magnificent story has a beginning, watch how the Torrini 1369 story began.

The 26th generation

Currently, the creative director is Guido Torrini, the 26th generation. He rebranded Torrini jewelry in 2019, with broader marketing efforts, and in addition released the most recent collections which include Gioia, Garden Colours, Grace and Gold Florentine Coins. Guido’s vision is seen through these collections in Torrini 1369 historic store in Florence and in Torrini Jewelry 1369 e-commerce, celebrating 650 years of the historical trademark.

Read Guido Torrini’s vision here.

The curiosity behind the name "Torrini"

Torrini’s historical trademark is designed with a spur, a representative symbol of blacksmiths, in the shape of a B, the initial of Jacopus father, Bernardo. In 1369, it was registered in Florence and has been handed down for over six centuries. The historical trademark has always been placed on every jewelry piece and object made in Torrini 1369, guaranteeing a seal of authenticity and origin.

Guido Torrini

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