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Torrini Value

Are not jewerly,
Generations built on our core value!

We understand the best way to craft jewelry is to focus on the customers desires. Our priority is to provide the best service and create a relationship with our customers. We offer a special experience to every person, to create a comfortable and elegant environment. We target a trend to satisfy the consumers desires and create an opportunity each and every day in the store with our core values. We are constantly thinking about jewelry and the best experiences, we are motivated to provide everyone the best service that simplifies the customers search for an elegant piece of jewelry. 


Our historic shop, which has always been located in the heart of the city, offers handcrafted jewelry with a certificate of authenticity from the World’s oldest trademark and the World’s 9th oldest family owned business. We present a certificate stating the piece which is made to order and handcrafted by the Torrini’s tradition of master goldsmiths.


We provide transparency because each of our jewelry is accompanied by a certificate which guarantees the origin of the product, the quality of the raw materials and gems, respecting human rights.

Customer satisfaction

As a priority we always consider the customers desires. This service is meticulously performed by truly listening to the customer, to offer pieces of jewelry, specific collections or the personalized creations of the Made for You service. We want to satisfy the customer’s desires and fulfill their expectations of their experience in the store or in the online shop.

Savoir Faire

Our heritage is based on the idea that jewels must be made exclusively by hand by master goldsmiths, because their beauty lies in the details. This care is found only in Florence, where the goldsmith tradition is extraordinarily prestigious. An integral part of our business is the goldsmith masters, who hand craft the jewelry designed at Torrini.


Our ethics represent that we firmly believe that life is to be protected at all costs. We adhere to the Kimberly Process, which internationally protects that every stone is not of war origin or child labor, where we only choose manufacturers who respect these rules. Learn more about our jewelry vision.


Our identity is drenched from the rich culture of the city of Florence, where the family has remained for centuries. Most of the collections are inspired from the Renaissance which is expressively shown in the streets of the city making it a hub of endless inspiration. We continue the master goldsmith’s Cellini gold tradition.

Meet the team

Francesca Torrini

Daughter of Franco Torrini, born in Florence in 1965. In 1986, Francesca completed her education in gemology, afterwards she joined her father, Franco, in the family business and had the task of opening the Boutique in Porto Cervo continuing her career as director until 2010. In 2011, Francesca reopens, on her own, the nineteenth-century headquarters of the Torrini Historical Shop in Piazza Duomo in Florence, always utilizing the ancient trademark of 1369. She concentrates on offering jewelry of the highest quality, creating one by one on demand by a master goldsmith, and providing the best service to satisfy all of our customers wishes. In fact, a representative tradition of the Torrini Goldsmith House. Today, after 35 years of experience in the jewelry and gem sector, Francesca Torrini is the leader when choosing stones for their quality, which is the basis of our magnificent jewelry.

Guido Torrini

Son of Francesca, born in Florence in 1994. After studying Business Management and Marketing, he devoted his time to the study of jewelry, acquiring detailed knowledge of the latest techniques and styles of jewelry. By implementing these innovations, he has placed Torrini on an international level, with the peculiar jewelry hand made by his team. The jewelry is designed by Guido, rich with Florentine engravings which magnify the craft of the jewelry, also enriched with pavè diamonds and colored stones to enhance and brighten the look of each who wear the jewelry.

Eraldo Poli

He completed his studies at the Porta Romana Art Institute in Florence, a recognized institute with a high educational profile. In 1978, Eraldo began to collaborate with Master Franco Torrini, performing various stages of learning and specialization. Then, he became head of the creative and production process at the Torrini Workshop until 2008. A great technical designer who has won various international awards and earned countless certificates and diplomas. He was respected by Franco Torrini, with whom he had cultivated the study and research of absolute beauty. Today, his knowledge and abilities work in harmony with Guido’s new vision and together they collaborate in the creation of the newest collections. Able to interpret and represent Guido’s concepts and values, is the continuous search for beauty by transforming the concept into a design.

Alberto Casamenti

In 1974, he had begun to attend the various Florentine workshops offered by Torrini Jewelry as a simple goldsmith. In 1983, Master Casamenti was chosen by Franco Torrini as his personal goldsmith because of his innate talent, and later became a master goldsmith because of his talent in shaping gold. Today, he continues his work as a goldsmith, giving advice and suggestions to whom want to learn, as he did. First observing and reflecting and then working with one’s hands. He constitutes as a point of reference for every constructive difficulty of every Torrini jewelry. Alberto Casamenti is a part of our team because he became a master goldsmith and loved his work for more than 35 years at the Torrini Workshop, creating jewelry masterpieces.


An expert goldsmith at the top of the production facility. Completed his apprenticeship in a goldsmith's workshop that descended directly from Maestro Bino Bini. Then, he built his own production plant, a classic structure, applying empirical theories and combined with a manual mastery of exceptional value. Lorenzo carries out prestigious creations in gold and silver with classic goldsmith techniques applying new technologies, for the sole purpose of enhancing the finish of the jewelry.

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